The History of Wears Valley

Ever wondered how Wears Valley came to be or got its name?  Here’s a short bit of history that will answer some of those questions!

Wears Valley, also known as Wears Cove, is named after Samuel Wear, a veteran from the Revolutionary War who built a fort near the area that would eventually become Pigeon Forge. Before then, it was known as Crowson Cove after the first settler in the area, Aaron Crowson. Although it is apparently not known why it was changed from Crowson Cove to Wears Cove, and thus Wears Valley, connecting it to the already established tie with Samuel Wear only requires a little bit of historical imagination.

The area was slowly built up through the 1800s with farms, houses and a distillery, among other things, until 1864 when the area was ravaged by the Civil War. Such dramas of that conflict played out with pro-Union sympathizers like William C. Pickens and William “Parson” Brownlow being connected to railroad bridge burning in the area designed to prevent the Confederate armies from transport.

After the war, farms and commerce started to rebuild itself in Wears Valley. Of particular note is Line Spring and many other mineral-rich mountain springs in the area. At the time, people believed mountain springs full of minerals acted to restore health and cure a number of ills, and this helped create the first tourism of Wears Valley.

Then in 1934, the Great Smoky Mountains became recognized as a National Park, and that paved the way for Wears Valley and all surrounding communities to become what they are today.

Beautiful WerasToday you can still feel the rich culture and history of the area in every breath of the mountain air.  As years have passed, local businesses have developed along Wears Valley Road and areas in near proximity.  For Rent by Owner Cabins, Cabin Management Companies, Antique Stores, Unique Shopping, Dining and adventure are all part of what Wears Valley has become.  The roots of our Appalachian Culture remain as the valley grows.   Wears Valley is a spacious valley where the Great Smoky Mountains run along the south end.  Connect to Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Townsend and Cades Cove all through Wears Valley, Tennessee easily from our location.  Wears Valley is the common link between the cities.  Come , Discover, Enjoy and Remember Wears Valley, Tennessee.

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